Islanders, Here’s Where to Shop Everything in the Love Island USA Villa Right Now

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We've welcomed the Love Island USA Class of 2023 to the villa, and things are heating up. But you know what's even hotter than their relationships (and drama)? The settings!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but still: The Love Island villa is overflowing with cute stuff, and we're here to help you find it. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a vibrant, charming, and generally fabulous space à la this season's Islanders?

I mean, if you can't get to an exotic locale this summer, the least you can do is live like a fabulous, carefree, and only slightly melodramatic twenty-something in Fiji. Sure, you might not be on a tropical island meeting dreamy date after date, but you can at least start to look the part. (Or make sure that your apartment does.)

Gather around this virtual firepit, because we've pulled together a list of everything you need to live like a Love Island USA contestant. From neon signage to wild costumes and beyond, it's all right here. 

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Sun protection from Sun Bum is an absolute essential. Whether you're laying out by the pool or preparing to meet a bombshell, you want to be sure your skin is protected. If it's good enough for Islanders in Fiji, it's definitely good enough to earn a spot in your beach tote, right?

For makeup looks that absolutely sizzle (as if you too got to spend the summer safely having fun in the sun!), Jecca Blac is the one to shop. The vegan, cruelty-free, and gender-free (!) collection comes from UK-based makeup artist Jessica Black, who developed the brand after working with clients in transition to help them achieve their ideal looks. It's an ideal brand for anyone who likes their makeup to be flexible, pigmented, and totally versatile.

Do you also find yourself coveting the Islanders' adorable manis? Wondering how they keep their nails so shapely and colorful, even throughout messy challenges? You'll probably want to learn more about Quickies, the cheekily named instant-mani brand. They're transforming your idea of what press-on nails can be, one finger at a time.

BTW, the skin care must-haves you're seeing on the vanities are definitely from UpCircle. For even more beauty essentials from the Love Island USA villa, shop the collection here.

Now, let's talk fashion. Yandy makes sure that each day spent in bikinis and coverups and each night spent cuddling up to the other half of your couple never gets boring. They can do it all!

Of course, there's more to do than just look hot in a bikini or still hot in a pajamas set without makeup on, somehow. There are shoes to wear, sunglasses to dramatically lower at the opportune moment, and infinite going-out looks to try, even when it seems like it's too humid to go anywhere. Islander-inspired fashion and more can be found here.

BTW, when you're looking to accessorize your outfit with that perfect extra something, Ian Charms jewelry definitely has it. 

It's time to move on to the pinnacle of all things Love Island USA-core: Home goods. Well, Villa goods, really. The Love Island USA villa is positively overflowing with poolside chairs, inflatable rafts, and more that make us wish we could rent out the place ourselves once a winning couple has been crowned.

I mean, how are even the toasters cute, you know? So, decor-heads, you can find all of your "Around The Villa" needs — from home gym essentials to coffee mug must-haves — right here.

Finally, if there's one word that could be used to describe the Love Island USA aesthetic, it would absolutely be "neon." ("Sexy" is a close second.) Winky phrases, designated area labels, actual directions, and more: All of them (or at least, most) are thanks to signature signage from Yellowpop. Bold, bright, and easy to install, Yellowpop designs set any room apart from the rest. 

That's about everything you need to live like an Islander from Love Island USA Season 5.

Just in time, too, since I need to run — I've got a text!

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Islanders, Here’s Where to Shop Everything in the Love Island USA Villa Right Now

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